Touring with small timpani

These timpani bags, by GBZ cases, are available in sizes 20″, 22″, 24″ and 26″ and protect timpani perfectly for transport in a car.  They are made to fit inside Hardcase bass drum cases and foam can be fitted to the requirements of each drum.  The total price of a bag including tailor-made foam is £185 (+VAT).  Personalized labels are available at a cost of £20 (+ VAT) each.  Only shallow bowl, hand-tuned timpani with no collar are suitable for this bag and case combination.  So, for example, I would not transport Lefima belt timpani in these cases.

Bags are available in the following sizes:

20″ bag (ie for 20″ Hardcase HN20B) up to 21″ timpani

22″ bag up to 22″ timpani

24″ bag up to 25″ timpani

26″ bag up to 27.5″ timpani

DSC_3481 comp

DSC_3486 comp

DSC_3603 comp

DSC_3383 comp

The middle case (HN24B), here in green, is 88cm diameter x 45cm deep.  This takes 23″ – 25″ timpani and, with wheels added, weighs 30kg.

DSC_3498 comp

The largest case (HN26B), here in red, is 95cm diameter x 45cm deep.  This takes 25″ – 27.5″ timpani and weighs 31kg.  If wheels were put on this case it would take it over the worldwide limit for domestic airline baggage of 32kg.  The small case (HN22B), not shown, is 79cm diameter x 45cm deep.  This takes timpani up to 22″ and, with wheels added, weighs 27kg.

DSC_3497 comp

DSC_3501 comp

Timpani stands are available to buy for £85 (+VAT) each.


Timpani stands can be transported in this flight case which also acts as a trolley for one of the Hardcase timpani boxes.

IMG_6687 comp - Copy

Alternatively, stands can be transported in lightweight Le Blond boxes.  This one, for up to three stands, has dimensions of 97cm long x 40 wide x 13 deep and weighs around 15kg.   These Le Blond cases are available for 2, 3 or 4 stands, with prices from £35-£45 (+VAT).

DSC_3552 comp

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