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Cases for large hand-tuned / belt timpani

3 sizes are available:

Large: 104cm x 104cm x 80cm, for timpani up to 29″/30″ including Lefima 29″ belt timpani
Medium: 98cm x 98cm x 74cm, for timpani up to 26″/27″ including Lefima 26″ belt timpani
Small: 96cm x 95cm x 72cm, for timpani up to 23″/24″ including Lefima 23″ belt timpani


Hardcase bass drum cases for timpani

3 sizes are available:

HN26B, here in red, is 95cm x 45cm, weight 31kg, for timpani 25″ – 27.5″.
HN24B, here in green, 88cm x 45cmweight 30kg, for timpani 23″ – 25″
HN22B, not shown, is 79cm x 45cmweight 28kg, for timpani 20″-23″

Some of the cases have 4 extra wheels. All of them have two built in wheels

DSC_3498 comp    DSC_3486 compDSC_3501 comp

DSC_3603 compDSC_3383 comp


Stands can be transported in lightweight Le Blond boxes.  This one, for up to three stands, has dimensions of 97cm long x 40 wide x 13 deep and weighs around 15kg.

DSC_3552 comp


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