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Henry Potter & Co Ltd

I have long been an admirer of the traditions and craftsmanship of drum-making and over the years have built up strong ties with Pete Woods, the man behind Henry Potter’s, who has built and modified many of my drums.

Using skills passed down from generation to generation, he continues to build, refurbish and repair instruments. More recently we have joined forces to develop a range of new products to encompass a wider range of sounds and playing styles.

Made using traditional methods from three pieces of copper, the bowls of Potter’s timpani are formed and polished entirely by hand.


Formed over 200 years ago, Potter’s has an interesting history at the forefront of British musical and military life.


Potter’s timpani have always been used by military and orchestral musicians. Today Henry Potter & Co. Ltd continue to supply British and other military regiments and receive orders from players from around the world.


As you can see from this brochure from the late 1800s, Potter’s has always offered a bespoke service to its customers which continues to this day.


The first design project of our new partnership is this new range of German-style timpani. Deeper than traditional English Potter’s cavalry timpani, the shape of these drums was conceived using examples of both centuries-old and more recent German and Austrian timpani.


Many of the timpani and other drums I play were refurbished by Potter’s, some of them undergoing dramatic re-shaping and repair to become traditional, “as new” instruments. All missing and replacement parts can be made.





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